Wear Your Favourite Website

dude1You have seen the link to the SF Fan Store on the top menu bar of this page, haven’t you? You haven’t? Well you’d best go there now and see what you have been missing… If you “do it right” you can even wear your support in your screenshots as all good simFlight fans might 😉

“But hey, it costs money”

Sure – but if you do visit the Fan Store you might well be surprised at what you can get and what you can do with a little thought.

theshirtthreeOf course the “Zazzle” store is a separate entity to simFlight, yet their products are really first class. As a wearer myself, I can vouch for the clothing. The cotton is of good quality and the printing is also first class.

So you don’t think much of the simFlight appearance?

You can modify the products if that’s what rocks you. Take a look at what you can do with a little imagination and a PC full of screenshots and advertising imagery. And apart from a snazzy white sweatshirt or black tee, you can mix and match your new look in many colours as well as styles.

theshirt theshirttoo

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