PMDG Released Update For MD11(FSX and FS9)

pmdg1PMDG has released new versions of the PMDG MD-11 for FSX and FS2004 during the night, Friday. These updates serve to bring both versions to parity, and to add some new features and fixes since the FSX release in October and the FS9 release earlier this week.
Both platforms are now up to version 1.10.0051, and customers may download the updates directly from PMDG’s download page at

The PMDG MD-11 is a highly detailed simulation of the venerable McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aircraft that entered service in the early 1990s, setting an all new standard for the use of technology in airline transport aircraft. Using advanced fly-by-wire technology and flight control logic, the MD-11 flies similarly to modern airbus wide-body airliners that were introduced around the same time.

PMDG has modeled the full range of automation and advanced flight control systems, making the PMDG MD-11 easier and more enjoyable to fly than even our own 747-400. A user friendly tutorial is included to help newcomers to the McDonnell Douglas aircraft learn the ropes quickly and easily, without having to read the flight manual! (But just in case, PMDG has included more than 1400 pages of flight manual so that you can prove to yourself that this simulation really *is* a full featured simulation of the airplane!) Whether you like airliners that are a joy to hand-fly, or full featured, in depth systems simulations, the PMDG MD-11 has the whole range of simulator pilots covered, whether you fly in FSX or FS2004. For more information, visit the PMDG website.

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