FS Dreamscapes Discounts

fsdreamscapes-logoThe ultra-highly detailed FS Dreamscapes mesh products are now on simMarket’s ‘Specials Page’ and can be had for a discounted price, somne products offering almost 10 Euros discount! You can see ALL the discounted products neatly put together here.

Unlike other mesh products, the NEXTMap ProMesh series is based on highly accurate and reliable elevation data, as opposed to the USGS 10m NED data, some of which is based on 60-year old land surveys.

FS Dreamscapes were the first designers to implement fractional elevation data settings, modeling all elevation changes to 1/25th of a meter vertically.

The end result is terrain accurately reflecting subtle differences in elevation changes that allow pilots to fly in a virtual real-world enrironment, as close to reality as possible.


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