Iris F-14 Tomcat For FSX

iris_f14_ext_3Iris simyulations have re-done their 2006 Tomcat and made a complete new model of it, for FSX SP2. As they say “…. No longer does this aircraft suffer from poor performance in Microsoft Flight Simulator X, as it is now fully FSX Native and designed with FSX in mind! In addition many of the 2D gauges have been removed and replaced with fully 3D gauges in the cockpit allowing for both a boost in frame rates and a far crisper, smoother in cockpit experience….”. The F-14 is available from simMarket now.

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  1. I’ve been flying this for a few days now and it is “interesting”, especially the simulated air to air refuel. Unfortunately my sim-experience doesn’t run to any thing that flies faster than a snail’s pace, so I am not yet in a position to review her for you. Suffice to say you get a gazillion aircraft installed in FSX – four variants for each of maybe 20 textures.

    Wings fold on the “propeller” command, neat. Flying this with a Saitek control setup (pedals and X52) is a blast down the Grand Canyon – Only nutters must have joined “Top Gun”

    The only minus from a personal point of view is the scenery disappearing behind you into a blurred haze…

    Very much a plane for those “Wahoooo” moments. I’ve managed to leave a carrier deck, but I’ve always diverted to the “off switch” instead of landing on deck.

  2. The wings sweep automatically, for the most part, Chris. The day I got this, after figuring out how to turn off all the warning lights, I flew two approaches to two successful landings on a moving carrier using Accel.

    I also understand from forum comments that they will include Accel style, rather than default FSX style, afterburner modelling in a future update. You can add it already by editing the aircraft.cfg to enter a threshold value for the ab/reheat to kick in, if you want to (I believe people are using 70% throttle as the threshold)

  3. i just purchased the f-14 i am using the saitek 52 controller when i use the throttle it only works for the left engine does anyone know how to fix this problem

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