Microsoft Closes Down ACES Studios [Update]

ms_masthead_ltrRumors are now confirmed that Microsoft’s bean counters have deciced that their games division is no longer ‘needed’ and are closing down Aces Studios. That would mean no more support for our beloved Flight Simulator, NO FS11, NO Train Sim 2, no jobs for all the developers in that division, and (in future) loss of jobs and income for many thousands of add-on developers. We’d call this a Black Friday for the FS community ! We ‘re still waiting for more details on what it would mean to the ESP initiative and other projects. Read more here !

[Update]: CNET reports that Microsoft (is) cutting jobs, but not products.

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Friday, May 15, 2009 08:34

Some good news from Career Site of Microsoft 🙂

It seems that we will have another good version of Flight Simulator in future. With some enhancements ….
We will see…


Monday, April 27, 2009 16:52

Selling the franchise to an external development company? Like Train Simulator (Kuju)…

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 16:23

Time to get some businessman,coding experts and financiers together and together execute a “missed approach” procedure for the current Flightsim team! Why do you need Microsoft anyway? Remember – a long time ago – Flightsim was from a FREE, standalone company (Bruce Artwick) and swallowed, eaten by Micro$oft Be glad that the MS-interference is gone now, and – go ahead and plot a new [heading] – take of to an new [altitude] – switch [off] the MS autopilot in your minds – let your [creativity] flower, bloom, explode into a new version of our beloved flightsim Or… (advocate of the… Read more »

Bobbie Vazquez
Monday, January 26, 2009 20:57

I guess only time will tell and who knows perhaps it will be back. In the mean time I will let the Add-on developers make things interesting while I hope hope FS will makes a come back into the Flight Sim market. As far as x-plane is concern I doubt it will make it to my PC ever again. To cumbersome to use, installation was horrible and there was more emphasis on graphics then in flight dynamics, and aircraft functionality. The landscapes helps in an arcade sort of way, but when comes down to it – I want to be… Read more »

Monday, January 26, 2009 17:25

I just read up on Steve Balmer.

Judging by his bio this might be a serious long shot getting through to him on this issue. The good thing is he’s one of the original people at Microsoft dating back to 1977. He knows the history of FS and he may change his mind. I was under the mindset for some strange reason the current CEO was someone totally new to Microsoft who’s only been around since 2000. Our best bet is to email Steve B as much as we can…