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simflightlogoIt is not our habit of aluding to the competition, and least of all Avsim, but we’re getting so many emails and messages asking us about their forums that we decided to touch on the subject. No, we do NOT know what’s going on, but their forums are stil not accessible for many readers. Maybe they got swamped by panicking Avsim posters after the news of Aces. Or Avsim should have gotten a new tech guy before the old one left (there’s a call out for one). Who knows. We are certain they’ll get things back running again sometime in future. Meanwhile, all the news you need is on of course, and we even have excellent forums ourselves for you to discuss things on. Now, over to more pressing news……

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  1. I just want to say it is very commendable to place such an announcement (on your front page no less), about a competing site. I see you guys not as competitors but as separate, reliable sources where I can get my news, my add-ons and my gossip with different points of view.

    And during these terrible times of uncertainty (I’m not talking about the world economic crises here… I am talking about the future of MSFS!, ha!), it’s nice to see simmers even in the business world lending a helping hand towards each other.


  2. This is not so bad news… Maybe people will finally get wise and realize there are other FS related forums on the net like here at Simflight. For some it seems the impression is Avsim is the only forum around for FS enthusiast…

  3. I think in this time we need to get past the divisions that hold the sites apart. Who’s not to say that both sites or any of the other sites could collaberate or work in unison in the future? What holds the sites apart? I am sensing by one of the responses that people feel that AVSim is a little eliteist, but at the same time I feel with the tone of this news posting SimFlight is about the same. Come on, we’re mostly adults here, and we all have a hobby we love. I personally look to both sites for new information.

    Now, with the halt of the Aces Team/Flight Simulator Development, is the time where we need to come together instead of pushing everyone apart. In the end we all have the same common goal here, which is to further the flight simulation hobby, whether through the use of addons, alternate FS products, or other things. The collective work and genius of our community can only truly shine when we put these differences aside and work towards what we desire.

  4. If I can’t get the soda out, you owe me a new keyboard, Francois!!! LOL! 😉 😉

  5. …. if I only was at liberty to tell the full anfd above all true story…. I’m afraid it’s not that simple Brian, although I fully agree with you in principle.

    @Don.. I think I have a few old keyboards laying around here buddy, I can send you one of those 😉

  6. Francois,
    I can understand where you are coming from, and I can see that there are some underlying issues (I respect that you are not at liberty to discuss). I just feel that the “I am better” coming from either side, just is a little off of where we want to be a community. It’s one of the major reasons I stopped plaing WoW and have moved back to Flight Simulator. Heck, I may be back to Flight Simulator development if I can find a couple decent coders to work witk.

    I will say this: I’ve been into Flight Simulator since version 5.0 came out and ran it on a 386/25 with 8MB RAM – so I’ve been here a while. I can remember a time when things weren’t nearly this way – and I’d like to see us all unite together to make Flight Simulator a viable platform – regardless of whether Microsoft continues development. Words can not express how I felt when I read the news about the Aces/Flight Simulator team – I feel as if a part of my childhood and a large part of the early adult years of my life were ripped away – and I’m sure there are many out there who feel that same way.

    So, in conclusion, we know the landscape is alot different, but as fellow Flight Simulator fans, let’s work together – we’ve still got alot of life in us.

  7. Hey, come on over to FlightSimX – we’re MUCH better than everyone else 🙂

    Only kidding and the comments do raise a fair point. It’s time for the troops to rally. I think there’s a place for all of us – we all offer a slightly different take on our hobby – none is better or worse than any other.

    I attempted to create a web ring earlier, to link us all together, but there was little interest. I think some site owners are worried that by belonging to one, they’re sending visitors away from their site, without considering that belonging to one can also bring in new visitors.

    I’m always happy to exchange links to any other flight sim site if they’ll link back to me. In my mind, this is a way to grow sites for the benefit of everyone.



  8. I don’t go there often because I could never get the hang of that “threaded” forum system that they used.

    When I went there just now to see what all the fuss was about I see a new forum format and that it is working (again?).

  9. I have never considered avsim and simflight rivals for my custom. I have different needs from each and don’t think I ever made a forum post in avsim. That’s where freeware downloads come from, this is where I enter the screenshot comp (when I get time) or read news and sometimes reply to articles like this… I have to say that I also use from time to time as well, but it’s years since I posted there. My posting needs are fulfilled here… Thanks to all on here for making what it is.

  10. i noticed a lot of folks are commenting about the forums and how AVSIM forums were not good or is not the forum out there etc…

    For a lot of folks, its not about the forums. In fact I have never visited the forums of AVSIM or any site like it for that matter. I belong to the forums of my virtual airlines and have no interest in joining another. I only go to all the FS related sites to see what products, free or payware, that folks have released. now I’m not saying the forums are bad, I’m just saying that they are not the only thing that has been destroyed by this hacker.

    AVSIM had a HUGE library of addons for FS, and from what i’ve heard has been completely destroyed. Now AVSIM is not the only place to get addons, but not everyone uploads their products to every single library so a lot of hard work has been lost.

    As for competition between sites… I don’t see competitors. I see different, reliable resources. AVSIM had things that SimFlight and/or didn’t have, and vise versa. All the addons are provided for free and I don’t see any competition in a free market. Now Flight1 and Carenado, that’s competition.

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