FlightSoft’s New Website

flightsoft_logoPat Zoffreo, President of FlightSoft, reports that “……. FlightSoft is about to launch a brand new website featuring its extensive line of Flight Simulator add-on products for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.  In a recent interview FlightSoft’s President & CEO said  “Our extensive new line of FSX titles blanket the entire world with add-ons focused on such diverse destinations as Africa to a revolutionary new title based on Hong Kong that will go where no other flight simulator publisher has ever gone before … .” ….”.
“…. FlightSoft’s President didn’t go into much detail about the new Hong Kong title but shared with us its revealing title: HONG KONG FSX – The Next Frontier in the History of Flight Simulation. FlightSoft’s CEO said that nothing like it has ever been released for the PC based flightsim genre.
FlightSoft’s president added that “FlightSoft’s ambitious strategy for Microsoft Flight Simulator X is to offer global titles that appeal to a worldwide audience. The core features of FlightSoft’s new FSX titles will target customers who wish to learn how to fly specific approaches unique to resort destination airports, encounter diverse terrain and weather simulations and explore vast libraries of airport approach scenarios to become familiar with all the kinds of experiences encountered at real world airports by real world pilots.”

FlightSoft’s products can be found and purchased on simMarket.

For the entire Press Release plus exclusive screenshots of FlightSoft’s upcoming new FSX titles please click here…”.

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