Spacelab For The SSM2007 Sim

Exciting Simulations reports they have “…… released a new Service/Mission Pack for the Space Shuttle Mission 2007 simulator.  The download includes a new mission — STS-47 – which is the first Spacelab mission for SSM2007. This add-on reveals a new feature of SSM2007 — the possibility to roam in Zero-G inside the various structures. In this case, you can float freely inside Spacelab-J just like real astronauts…..”.


“…. The download adds new communications for STS-401 improved KSC scenery, specific Spacelab-J payload panel and other goodies and improvements.

Carried out by Endeavour on 12 September 1992, Spacelab-J was a joint NASA and National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA) mission, utilizing a manned Spacelab module. The mission conducted microgravity influence on materials and life sciences. The international crew, consisting of the first Japanese astronaut to fly aboard the Shuttle, the first African-American woman to fly in space and the first married couple to fly on the same space mission, was divided into Red and Blue teams for around-the-clock operations. Spacelab-J included 24 materials science and 20 life sciences experiments, of which 35 were sponsored by NASDA, 7 by NASA and 2 collaborative efforts.

In the best SSM2007 tradition, the budding astronauts will experience first-hand the liftoff, On-Orbit ops including visiting the Spacelab-J and floating freely in Zero-G, Deorbit, Reentry and manually Landing the Shuttle at KSC.

The Space Shuttle Mission 2007 is available for online purchase in downloadable format at the SSM2007 official website: The latest Demo can also be downloaded freely at the same website…..”.

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