GeForce GTX295 Reviewed On Guru3D

gf295Hilbert Hagedoorn writes “….. The ASUS GeForce GTX 295 tested. NVIDIA recently unleashed the GeForce GTX 295. Many manufacturers and AIBs therefore are now selling the product and even in this financial difficult time, these babies sell like cute little puppies in a pet store. One of the biggest names in the tech industry is ASUSTek computers (ASUS), and they figured .. well frock it .. and jumped that GTX 295 band wagon as well….”.
“…… In this review we’ll give you the grand overview on what the GeForce GTX 295 entails, we’ll look at power consumption, heat, do a nice photo-shoot and obviously dig deep into game performance with the hottest titles currently available anno January 2009.  Read the review here……”.

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