FS2Crew’s Overhauling

fs2crew-_md11_medBryan York of FS2Crew reports that “….. Flight simulation’s #1 co-pilot/airline crew simulation is gearing up for very significant overhaul in 2009.  FS2Crew has some big changes in store. As part of this total make-over, FS2Crew has a number of announcements to make regarding their website, new logo and their actal products. Read it all below. “………
1. FS2Crew has a brand new web-site and a brand new, state-of-the art E-commerce system.  Please check-out our new site at:
2. FS2Crew now has a new corporate logo.  Congratulations go to Scott Waterworth and Wendal Attig for the winning designs in the FS2Crew corporate logo contest.  Both Scott and Wendal won a combined $300 USD worth of FS2Crew products.
3.To make everyone feel better about the world economy and the nail biting news coming out of Microsoft,  FS2Crew is offering its own stimulus package to the flighsim world: 25 percent off all existing FS2Crew products with the following coupon code: XMP96R5610
4. FS2Crew is now including free extended download protection with all orders, past, present and future.
There is more news, but you’ll need to visit the new FS2Crew website in order to access it……..”.

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