CombiPack Plum Island and Piper Supercub

plumpiper_boxshot_200FSAddon Publishing has quietly introduced a new service recently, publishing some of their products on CD. One of the first products in the CD range is the CombiPack of Plum Island and the Supercub. Both very popular products and now available for only $ 29 together, only on CD. Check out the product page here.Francois Dumas says “… we have done some ‘testing’ with this first, because being a one-man operation this is not as easy as it may look. One of our CD orders had to be shipped three times to get it right, after the initial CD got destroyed in transport! But we’re confident we have it down pat now and are ready to supply CD versions to those customers who rather do not download!….”.

The CD’s contain the same software as the download versions, although there may be some ‘specials’ like the Plum + Piper release. The documentation is still included on a .pdf file. All products come with a fully automated installer of course, and all products are supported via the dedicated FSAddon Support Forums. Of course pricing is adjusted for cost of making and shipping the CD’s. Prices include world-wide shipping by regular mail. Shipping is usually within days, but may take up to three weeks.

More products will follow suite, and already VancouverPlus for FSX is available, as is Plum Island for FSX alone.

Regular (download) versions will remain available through simMarket as usual.

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