simMarket (Down for Maintenance) UP NOW [Update3]

Our store, simMarket is going down for a deep system maintenance shortly!

We have to upgrade Apache, that is the name of the software that does all the magic behind a server… an upgrade that has been pending for a long time and now that time has come… and you want to know why? well, because we started selling AEROSOFT – VFR GERMANY 3 – SOUTH as a download and cannot… because this products download files are over 2.3 gigabyte in size and this can only be handled by the latest Apache versions.

As you see, we are doing it for you, the customer and of course for us, so we can bring all this biggies products to you! Scheduled are 2 hours of downtime, we will do the utmost to keep it as short as possible.

[Update]: Maintenance has started.
[Update 2] Store Up now: change of strategy, simMarket up again, running on one server only, while other is being worked on.
[Update 3] : First server has been upgraded… we can serve large files over 2GB  now(yeepeee!) and as a bonus users should note a positive difference in speed.

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