WW2 Pacific Missions For FSX Accelleration

ww2pacificmissions08Ron Jeffers has uploaded his latest Mission Pack to simMarket. “…… WW2 Pacific Missions is based on World war 2 action of Hellcat, Corsair and Zero aircraft. The aircraft are scenery game based with basic gauge virtual cocpits and gun sights. The Exterior are DX10 ready and have all the needed animations. Note: this pack is intended more as a game to push the absolute limits of what the mission tool can do and not a down to the detail simulation…..”.

“…… This pack will take you from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo with various combat actions. You will fly along with your squadron to the action areas. It also includes many carrier trap missions. There is also a massive 16 player out to sea dogfighting mission where you use all your skills to survive against other players…..”. Available from simMarket now.

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