Greece and Turkey IVAO Event

ivao-roundelVyb  Srinivasan reports “……. IVAO is proud to present its latest edition of “Real Flight Event”. In this edition, we give you an opportunity to discover the Mediterranan sea, the sun and the blue sky. This event will bring you to the land of  the Parthenon, the Olympic games, the Bosphorus strait, the Ottoman Empire, you guessed it right to lovely beautiful countries of Greece and Turkey….”. “…… This edition will involve 2 airports ! LGAV Athens and LTAI Antalya. We bring you the complete Air Traffic Control Coverage and traffic that would emulate the realworld. If you want to be part of the action , bring your aircraft on March 7th between 12h and 22h UTC. For more information including a flight briefing and flight booking system, please check here…..”.

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