TBM Avenger In Polk City

tbmFantasy of Flight announces in its newsletter that the “….legendary Navy torpedo bomber joins the Fantasy of Flight All-Star Cast. Those lucky enough to be looking to the skies in early February from Miami to Polk City may have spotted an amazing sight – a TBM “Avenger” World War II Torpedo Bomber – buzzing its way home to join part of the world’s largest private rare and vintage aircraft collection…..”.“…..Fantasy of Flight founder and creator Kermit Weeks piloted the nearly 70-year-old aircraft in a 75-minute flight at a speed of 165 knots from Miami. “It feels great to have the TBM Avenger home in Polk City along with the rest of the collection,” said Weeks. “This bomber played a major role in the victory of World War II and helps to tell the story of the Allies’ win in ways that history books simply cannot. It’s truly a tangible piece of American history.”….”. The Fantasy of Flight website can be found here.

Oh, and if you want to feel what it is like to fly such an aircraft, you can do so in MS Flight Simulator as well. There is an awesome model available from the MAAM-Sim team, available here.

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