Airbus Panels… Airbus Panels


A massive release of panels for Airbusses has seen the light of day! They come from Nikolay Priazov aka NPSIMPANELS, panel master of some fame (see all his works here) and is divided into two products that can be bundled to achieve a lower price tag.

Product 1: AIRBUS PANELS A318 A319 A320 A321 DELUXE

Product 2:  AIRBUS PANELS A330/A340-2/300 A340-600 DELUXE

What is included? read after the jump:

  • Main Panel EFIS,ND, PFD, EWD, all the ECAM system pages reproduced in detail.Terrain button, Mag/true push button, standby instruments ,Digital Distance and Radio Magnetic Indicator displays, digital clock, Gear lever, Baro Reference Display Window Brakes
  • Primary Flight Display Flight Mode Annunciations, Attitude and Guidance (Feet/Meter), Airspeed Altitude and Vertical Speed Heading and Track, Side stick position power ,application Radar Altitude.
  • Navigation Display ARC Mode,PLAN Mode,ROSE NAV Mode,ROSE ILS Mode,ROSE VOR Mode,TERREN DATA ,Mag/true HEADING
  • ECAM Engine EWD Display Thrust limit modes TO-GA, FLX,REV indication,FOB Total fuel (Lbs or Kg),LP Rotor speed, in %,HP Rotor speed, in %.,Fuel flow per engine, (Lb/hour or Kg/hour),Exhaust Gas Temperature, in °C,Flaps / Slats indicator.
  • ECAM System display PRESS (pressurization),ELEC AC (AC electrical),ELEC DC (DC electrical),BLEED (air bleed system),HYD (hydraulic),FUEL,CRUISE (common reference data),APU (auxiliary power unit),F/CTL (flight controls),DOOR/OXY (doors / oxygen),WHEEL (landing gear),COND (air conditioning) ECAM System Select Panel The ECAM Select Panel controls what data is show on a selected ECAM System display .
  • Auto climb systems makes automatic- Optimal speed , vertical speed, and climb (220kt in 240kt until 10000 feed V/S 2000 f/min After 10000 feed automatic. turn on alt 32800 feed nearly 10000 meter and speed in 290kt in 18000 feed in 310kt V/S 1500f/m in 29000 feed in310kt V/S 1000 f/min until reaching optimal alt in MACH 0,819-0,839 Mach. Auto landing full systems
  • Overhead Hydraulic system, Fuel system, Electrical system, Bleed Air Conditioning system change the temperature in each aircraft zones cabin altitude control panel, Lights control panel, APU control panel,
  • Pedestal Engines Masters, Engines Starter, Rudder trim, Parking brakes lever, flaps and spoilers levers, Radio Audio,Transponder Panel.
  • MDCU FS FPL function,GPS flight plan-data index page, position monitor page, Inertial Reference system monitor page, performance takeoff, climb, cruise, descent & approach pages, radio navigation.
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