Strip it Baby! Scenic Airstrips Series 1

scenicairstrips1-100x100n3aNew concept that will appeal to anyone that likes good ol’ country flavoured flying but with the extra kick: “The key to the scenery created by us, here at Scenic Airstrips, is that all runways are not placed using tools such as ‘AFCAD’, they are just default flight simulator terrain allowing you the user, to get the most realistic experience in Flight Simulator. With none of the flat default runways used, you will be landing on not only bumpy runways, but runways that curve as well. Using this scenery will really test your flying skills!.

Our scenery is unique in a way that all runways are default terrain, so you will find that runways Slope and Curve as you will find in the real world.”

Check out Scenic Airstrips website for more information and many screenhots at the simMarket product page: CLICK.

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