Day: March 11, 2009

Area 51 From MikeMax

To finish the days’ news glut, here’s another little product from MikeMax for you FS2004 flyers. “…… The mysterious Area 51, top secret Groom Lake

Problems For Computer Pilot Magazine

Yet another victim of the current Global Economic Crisis? Or just part of the dwindling interest for Flight Simulator? According to Robert Ferraro, the owner

CPFlight FCU320 and EFI320 Interfaces

FeelThere released a couple of drivers to allow CPFlight’s FCU customers to interface their FCU320 and EFI320 with the Wilco/FeelThere Airbus series. Customers must already

Fix For Eaglesoft’s FS9 Citation

Eaglesoft Development Group reports the release of a Citation X 2.0 FS9 Hotfix 1.6. “…… This Hotfix addresses every known issue presented in our support

Military Helicopters 2 From Abacus

Abacus Software from the US reports that they have released their “….. Military Helicopters 2, our newest title. Now in several of the major retailers,

New Update For Shuttle Mission 2007

Exciting Simulations reports that they have released “…… a major Service Pack for the Space Shuttle Mission 2007 simulator.  Among the many additions and changes, the

Graphics Cards Tested On HAWX

Guru3D’s Hilbert Hagendoorn is having a look at the new Ubisoft Flying Game HAWX and tested it on a variety of graphics cards. “….. In

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