Area 51 From MikeMax

are51To finish the days’ news glut, here’s another little product from MikeMax for you FS2004 flyers. “…… The mysterious Area 51, top secret Groom Lake US Air Force military installation hidden behind the hills of the Nevada desert. The scenery features the Area 51 airfileld, known as Homie Airfield (KXTA). The Truth is Out There, now go ahead and find it!….”. Now on the simMarket shop shelves.
“…..Scenery features:

* Runways, taxiways and aprons replicated with high degree of precision.
* Buildings, hangars, terminals.
* ‘Janet’ aircraft ramp.
* VOR, ILS, VASI lights, all replicated with maximum realism.
* Realistic Groom Dry Lake landclass which adds the dry lake itself into the scenery….”/

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