What’s Your Favorite In FS?

simflightlogoWe put up a little ‘poll’ on the right of the screen. Vote for your favorite ‘fetish’ in Flight Simulation today! Are you a ground-hugging Cub flyer, or do you rather sit in a dark room pushing buttons on an FMC? Or, who knows, maybe you’re more into sailing the FS Oceans now that flying has become so complex? Let us know!

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  1. Definitely whirligigs for me ! The ability to use helis over a vastly greater variety of missions/flights than siezed wings is what makes FSX for me ! (In fact what made FS for me from FS95 !).

    Sit at 32000 feet staring at clouds for 8 hrs ??… Nah ! 🙂

  2. FS95 didn’t have helicopters, just FYI. Btw, has anyone else noticed that when you add up the percentages in the poll they equal over 120%?

  3. I flew (other peoples’) helicopters in FS5… 😉

    They flew using flaps and fudge, the same way that most Tiltrotors and S/VTOL craft do now, but you could land them at about 20KIAS and oilrigs, helipads and hilltops were definite possibilities, particularly head to wind.

    I haven’t replied to this one because I’ll fly, drive or skipper just about anything in the sim that I can, so I don’t really have a “favourite”. Would it be worth including an “absolutely anything” button if this poll is run again?

  4. You could choose more than one in the poll? Agh!!
    Now I remember those helicopters. They only looked like helicopters but flew like and contained airplane .air files.

  5. Er..Dan..for YOUR information there were. Two air files were used. You swapped between the two for T/O and landing, and the other for fwd flight, enabling the AP to be used. The T/O & landing was, admittedly a very heavily modded air file that gave very slow speeds (no hovering).

  6. The ones I used only had one air file that operated across the range… They weren’t particularly aircraft or helicopter like, but they were good fun. And probably more realistic than the FS98 Bellicopter!

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