Visual Approach Sailplane Documentary

Visual Approach’s Flavours of Flight: Sailplanning is a new documentary available now  “….. Sailplaning, a new documentary by Visual Approach, gives you insight into the special world of “real” or unpowered flight, from the basics to the extreme. You can learn about the history of Farkashegy (“Wolf Mountain”) Airfield in Hungary and get detailed, close-up presentations of various glider planes, including the Gobe, Erno Rubik’s legendary aircraft used by many generations of student pilots.

If you are an avid aviation enthusiast, you will certainly appreciate the unique cockpit footage recorded with multiple cameras in-flight, presenting a sense of “being there”, so you will feel like a student pilot sitting in those planes as the pros fly a traffic pattern, hunt for thermals, or perform some (literally) breathtaking aerobatics in sailplanes.

Virtual flying is also featured in the documentary through the outstanding Condor Competition Soaring Simulator. You will see (and using the simulator you can also try at home) what happens when the tow-rope breaks or how a simple mechanical failure can turn your approach and landing into a very difficult maneuver……”.

Available at simMarket as of today!

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