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mitchell02To be totally honest with you, we don’t really understand what these are. But since they’re published on simMarket and mention FSX, they must have something to do with flight simulation and scenery. Unfortunately we don’t have time to test all products published these days, there are just too many.

We’re talking about Mitchel Field (7IA7) and Wilgrove Airpark (8A6), both published recently, and both only accompanied by a little video (see product pages), and no screenshots of any significance. So lets say we have a ‘surprise package’ on simMarket and are as curious as you are to hear what it’s all about.

Here’s some text from the product page “…being able to take a look through downtown you can switch to an Extra 300 or your favorite aerobatic plane and fly through the loops of fire and break left and fly through the barn. This scenery truly fufills the Eagle Sim mission of making fun to fly at our scenery. It brings the scenery of Flight Simulator 2004 to a whole new level!….”.

Now you know as much as we do !! Go for it! Or not…..

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  1. This is the big trouble with Sim Market – it’s like going to an unjuried art show at the local community center…

    Buyer beware…there is a lot of crap that isn’t close to worth the money charged.

  2. That was one of the reasons we founded, so we could have at least some control over quality and content 😉

    Of course simMarket is just a retailer selling whatever developers want them to sell and whatever customers want to pay for.

  3. I bought both of these sceneries and really liked them both. They may not have been prepared in the best way, but both of them are really good and I highly recommend them as a inexpensive and fun addon.

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