Freeware Scenery: Chilliwack (CYCW)

chilliwackWith today’s file library update at, a nice freeware airport from Canada was released by Daniel Louvet.  This is what he says about the airport: “The Chilliwack Municipal Airport (CYCW) is home to approximately 75 private and commercial aircraft, which includes both fixed wing and helicopters. There are over 20 businesses at the airport including: flight training schools, charter companies: both fixed wing and helicopter, aircraft paint and maintenance shops, as well as, other assorted aviation oriented businesses. They also boast a fine eatery: “The Airport Coffee Shop” and their famous pies. Chilliwack Airport is well known to B.C. aviators as one of the most attractive airports in the province. It is a showpiece for the community”.

As it is always nice to have a new destination to fly to or from, you might want to download the small file (app. 1MB) following this link. Registration is required to download from avsim, but hey – if you aren’t registered there, you haven’t been flightsimming the last few years, have you? 🙂

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