When your heroes die……

sparkyimesonI was afraid this would happen when I reported of the missing aircraft (Cessna 180) of Sparky Imeson yesterday. Search crews found the wreckage of it and Sparky died in the crash. So realy realy sad.

First of all my condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Sparky. It is always sad when someone dies, even more when it is one of our pilot friends, even when he’s doing what he loves best: flying!
Sparky was an icon to the mountain flyers, writing some 19 books on the subject of flying and flying in the hazardous mountain worlds that many of us love so much.

I learned a ton from his books and had some email exchanges with Sparky a few years ago. His personally signed book on taildraggers will now get a special honorary place on my aviation bookshelf….. but that won’t bring us Sparky back.

If you believe in reincarnation, I am certain he’ll return as an American Eagle !
Rest in peace my friend.

Here’s the sad news from

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  1. That’s really sad news.

    My thoughts are with him and those close to him.

  2. In tribute to his memory I flew all the way from Bozeman to Helena, with a touch and go at Canyon Perry airstrip not far where the wreckage was found… and of course with fsx…

    RIP man, I’m thinking of you old chap’

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