VFR Extreeme Presents Boise X

boise“…… Boise has a very diverse landscape that makes it “Extreeme” and a logical location for VFR flight. In the Northeast corner of the Boise area you will find beautiful mountainous terrain and the Boise river cutting through on its way to the pristine Lucky Peak Lake. The middle of Boise is filled with thousands of homes, stores, and buildings, creating it a bustling city with a population of over 580,000. South of Boise is where a dry, arid terrain covers the horizon. In the western part of Boise there are hundreds of potato farms on top of eye catching crop circles. From the desert to the mountains, to the city and the farms, the diverse landscape is amazingly portrayed in Boise X creating an amazing flying experience….”. Now all this is available to you on your FSX installation, at simMarket of course.

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