Imaginesim’s San Jose International For FS2004


Cal Lewin of Imaginsim writes “…… It’s California. It’s Silicon Valley. It’s the good life. It’s San Jose International Airport and you can have a piece of it right now. San Jose is the most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area, famous for Silicon Valley and a wonderful laid back Californian lifestyle, SJC offers scheduled services to around 11 million passengers annually. The airport is situated as a ‘downtown airport’ and gives pilots an opportunity to land almost within the city center itself, a pleasant change from those mega-hubs located miles out into the countryside…..”.

“….. This scenery add-on features custom made ground textures and runways, terminal, cargo and hangar buildings rendered to 5cm per pixel scale, an interactive docking system to park you right on your mark, taxiways with highly realistic concrete textures, full airport taxiway and runway signage, 3D approach lighting and full ILS navigation. Also included are hundreds of airport vehicles and ground personnel, aircraft can be found parked at custom textured parking positions, all hangars, cargo and airport auxiliary buildings are modeled, there is even a complete perimeter fence under the steady gaze of security cameras….”.

This FS2004 title is available at the world’s most popular FS shop of course: here at simMarket.

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