HMS King George V W2 Battleship

Something else from Delta Sim, the Polish developer who has brought us a series of wonderful contemporary yachts and ships so far. The HMS King George V – class battleship “….. was the flagship of the British Fleet during II WW. Was built by Vickers-Armstrong at Walker’s Naval Yard – Newcastle upon Tyne and commissioned on 11 December 1940. On May 1941 the ship participated in sinking the German Bismarck battleship. King George was withdrawn from the duty in 1957.

The ship has moving parts ie.: all cannon turrets (horizontally and vertically), fire console, switches, gates, doors and many more. The ship has custom effects (water and land explosion, gunshots) and sounds…..”.

Nick Churchill did a review on the product on his site here.

Get it here at simMarket.


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