vroute.premium with winds aloft and 20% off

vroute_100x100avroute.premium has a new feature that is missed in some other FS utilities, read the following PR for details… but before kindly note that simMarket is running a special 20% sale of the product for customers that already own FSMeteo or/and ActiveSky…. read on now: “vroute is proud to announce the extension of vroute.premium software with winds aloft support in fuel calculation

Winds aloft
vroute.premium now features a realistic winds aloft model which produces information about real time wind speed and direction in any place in the world, at any altitude. This information is used in fuel calculation to compensate for headwind, crosswind or tailwind — appropriately increasing or reducing the amount of fuel to be loaded.

This change is most valuable for users of programs such as FSMeteo or ActiveSky, as well as any other weather add-on program which feeds your Flight Simulator with winds aloft information.

Most realistic fuel calculation
This addition makes vroute one of the most sophisticated fuel calculation programs for virtual aviation. Fuel amount is calculated in line with real life FAA regulations, fine-tuned for 30 different aircraft models. In-flight consumption estimation takes into account factors such as present weight of the airplane (reducing as you burn fuel), up-to-date weather information for particular location and detailed vertical profile of the flight.

This new feature is immediately available to all current vroute.premium users as well as those who upgrade from freeware

Additional information
vroute.premium is a pre-flight preparation tool which offers a database with 83.000 ready-to-use routes. Advanced fuel calculation, flight progress cards, high-resolution airspace maps, more than 18.000 approach charts, NOTAMs and relevant web links are among add-on features. In cooperation with VATSIM, vroute offers information about online traffic, as well as ATC and flight booking features.

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