Death Valley And HolgerMESH Released

deathvalley_440x80Jay Kae reports “…… Photoreal scenery for FSX SP2 created at a resolution of 2m/pixel (some interesting areas has been made at 1m/pixel, like Trona), with autogen and enhanced nightlights. Summer Season Only. There are some very nice lakes with animated water. You will see that this area presents so many interesting things to see, it’s not only the desert… there are fantastic farms and rural environments, very cute cities, industrial areas and the scenery changes a lot during the day…. you will see fantastic colour nuances depending on the time you fly……”.“….  It’s also beautiful in the night, we experimented with a new method to realize the nightlights, very realistic, that we will apply also to the future sceneries. The HolgerMESH is included in the zipfile you download but has it’s own installer so you can use it if you desire but you do not have to if you do not desire to do so.  Download your manual here and the scenery here…..”.

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