More Power To Your PC

inwin750What with all the Quad Core processors, SLI installations of dual grahics cards, 1 Tb hard disks and the likes, our PC’s need more and more power to run – and be cool(ed). So Guru3D did a review of one of the larger PSU’s (Power Supply Units for those of us abbreviation-challenged). This one has 740 W, there are even bigger ones nowadays. Hilber Hagedoorn writes “…. I reviewed the In Win Commander series power supply. Commander, as in military….”.

“…. And that shows, army camouflage packaging and an army green PSU. Quite funny to observe really. Marketing sure, but somehow this concept works out really well. A fairly high-end power supply.

Though In Win is not up among the names of high ranking PSU manufacturers, their Commander PSU will leave a sturdy impression. What we did is a style review. We’ took a Core 2 Quad QX 9770 processor to 3600 MHz on a power hungry NFORCE 790 SLI platform, then we popped in two GeForce GTX 295 cards and set up Quad-SLI to see if this $ 150 completely modular power supply would stand its ground or get caught up in the crossfire. Check out the full review here….”.

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