SuperTrafficBoard Upgrades To V2.2

stb_screenshot014Flying W Simulation is “….. delighted to announce the availability of SuperTrafficBoard V2.2 (STB).  Marking another significant advance in the technology for displaying and interacting with your favourite AI aircraft, STB introduces a host of exciting new features and fixes to minor bugs found in previous releases….”. “…. Highlights include support for the popular add-on “AIRound”, enabling customers to activate the exciting AI camera angles available with AIRound from the STB flight display.

Improving your flight experience, STB monitors AI traffic movements around the user aircraft and automatically moves any conflicting aircraft to an arrival stand during your final approach.

Ever wanted to follow an AI flight from departure to arrival?  With STB you can already do that, and now in V2.2 you can listen to all Air Traffic communications between the AI aircraft and ATC for the entire trip.

And the best news of all, this is a free upgrade for all existing SuperTrafficBoard customers!….”.

For those who do not have it yet, it can be purchased here on simMarket.

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