Museum Of Flight, Seattle

toweroverview_large3In a press release from this famous museum we read “….. This Saturday, May 16, the Museum’s Amazing Skies Theater presents “CanadiYanks.” “CanadiYanks” is based upon the true story of Canadian Major Harold E. Hartney, transferred to the American army in 1917 to prepare Yank airmen for service on the Front. It also spins the bittersweet yarn of a young American couple, Malcolm Gunn and Marge Van Sciver, who must confront the worst possible tragedy of war. This too is based on a true story….”. “….. The show is at 2 p.m. in the William M. Allen Theater. Music for the show will be sung by the Alpha Singers, a local choral group who has been performing in the Northwest for over 20 years.

Also be sure to visit the Museum to see the newly remodeled Tower at Boeing Field exhibit! The exhibit features enhanced, interactive displays about air traffic control from both a pilot’s and controller’s point of view. There are also four new exhibits about Animal Flight, Weather and Flight, Physics of Flight and Flying Machines…..”.

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