World Air Games, Turin

wag2009Cosimo Pieri of  the Italian PVI flightsim community, write us “…. We have just set up the challenges for the WAG 2009, held from 6th to 14th June at the Air Village in Turin (Italy), where all the events are hosted. The program has been thought to be funny but also challenging for all kinds of virtual pilots that we hope will join us in a great number for this event. For the occasion, there will be also medals as prizes, offered by the WAG 2009 comity…..”.

“…… The first appointment will be for the enthusiast of combat simulation in the first of two weekend, on 6th and 7th June 2009.

The non-definitive program, organized by the combat section of PVI and with the effort of 22GCT, will be the following:
-Speed contests(IL2)
-Acrobatic competitions(FSX)
-Carrier Landing competitions(FSX)
-Dogfights with IL2

There will be also exhibitions of “cooperative mission” using IL2 and Falcon4 and even the new KA 50 Black Shark simulator. And more again, also exhibitions of virtual acrobatic teams.

The second and final weekend, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th, the four civil contests will be on the stage.
Thanks to the support of Microsoft, who provided the operating system Vista and its latest Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Aerosoft and Flight One with their great quality aircraft and sceneries, and with the technical sponsor Technologyshop, 13 PC’s of great performances will be set up for the crews who participate to the contests.

The more involving contest will be a flight rally that will be held in five legs, three of them to be flown in VFR, and two in IFR. Crews will be formed from 2 to 5 persons. The flights will take place in the northern and central Europe and the aircraft will be chosen by the crews from the FSX default King Air or the Piper Cheyenne PA-31 for the IFR flights.
For the VFR contest the DHC-2 Beaver or the Cessna CU206G Stationair can be selected.
The rally will be flown under full air traffic control held by IVAO air traffic controllers, for all the five legs.

The second competition is reserved for helicopter pilots that will fly in a circuit that has to be completed in the shortest time possible. It’s an individual competition and will be flown with the FSX default Bell 206 or Robinson 22.

Third competition, also individual, will be for the glider lovers. Using the FSX default glider plane, the pilots have to demonstrate their skills in covering the longest distances, calculated from the release of the tow plane to a fixed arrival point.

The last competition, individual too, will be a race with direct elimination in a group of airplanes.

As soon as possible, regulations for all the contests will be published on the PVI website.

We would like to remember the subscriptions to the contests, free of charge, can be made by contacting the following e-mail address: ‘wag2009 at’, and for all the pilots who will join the contests there are special conditions for rooms and boards.

We hope to meet many of you in Turin, best regards,
PVI – Piloti Virtuali Italiani (Italian Virtual Pilots)………”.

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