FS Approaches Expansion Pack

pf-approachesMarco Martini of Perfect Flight in Italy has released FS Approaches! – Vol 3 Expansion Pack. It is for Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator 2004. “…. You can use Expansion Pack alone or in conjunction with FS Approaches Vol. 3 Worldwide Airports. So, if you already have Vol 3 Worldwide Airports installed on your Pc, just install Expansion Pack and you will add the new approaches plates to existing missions / adventures. Expansion Pack will automatically install new files into the existing folder…..”. Now available on simMarket.

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  1. I have bought from Marco Martini all 3 volumes of Approaches and also the Vol. Expansion, but I find that he repeats himself. In the Vol. 3 Expansion there<are only very few airports that have not been published earlier. I bought essentially for Juliana, but most of the
    other airports have been published earlier. He sells the same stuff twice. Marco Marco, there are many airports that have not been made, and some of them are very important.I can think of: HONG KONG, DUBAI, CAPE TOWN, SHANGHAI, MAURITIUS, SEYCHELLES, SHARM EL SHEIK, DJERBA, PHUKET, PERTH, KUWAIT, SANAA, ETC.ETC.
    Anyway, Marco, I always get fun from your approaches.

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