As Real As It Gets….. Teasers


Francois Dumas of FSAddon Publishing writes “….. Yes, I know ‘as real as it gets’ is what Microsoft always claims. But looking at their version of Alaska in FSX they remained pretty far from that claim. Now with Tongass Fjords X coming up things will change. Using some ‘popular’ terms seen often in FS announcements this wil be the ‘ultimate’ landscape product for Alaska, without any doubt! Curious? Check out some screenshots on our company website and some more on our ‘Friends of FSAddon’ Facebook Group !….”.


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  1. Honestly I was expecting more than 4 screenshots. You can’t even get a higher res view of the screenshots.

  2. Hey!

    Where can I get the Quest Kodiak “Fire Boss” repaint? *lol*

    The screens are looking awesome!

    Waiting to buy…


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