BEWARE: FS2Crew Does Voice Control!!!

This just in from FS2Crew… warning: contains strong words! 🙂  “headsetThe voice control add-on market is about to get a little bit more crowded! Bryan York of FS2Crew has announced that FS2Crew now has functioning voice control, and that the next FS2Crew product (to be announced very shortly) will be a voice control product.

Says Bryan: “There are a lot of voice control add-ons on the market, and most of them are pretty good. But FS2Crew is taking voice control to a higher and more realistic level. Basically what we’re doing is taking the same procedural realism that we incorporated in our previous non-voice versions of FS2Crew, and incorporating that detail in the context of voice integration. Most voice programs out there are very generalist in nature and appeal more to the casual user. However, what FS2Crew now has is voice control that is more aimed at the enthusiast or hard-core user. Moreover, there are some other very big differences between FS2Crew’s voice software and the way other companies have approached voice integration, and we think the flightsim community will be very impressed with the way FS2Crew is re-inventing voice control. A big thing, for example, is that we’re using real human voices instead computer generated voices, and that in itself makes a world of difference.”

FS2Crew is also currently looking for voice beta testers from a wide variety of language and O/S backgrounds. If interested, please contact FS2Crew via the FS2Crew website:

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