EAA And AOPA Join Forces

eaa-aopaGood news for GA (General Aviation) in the US. In a recent press release received via AVweb the EAA and AOPA report they’ve “….. entered into a new spirit of collaboration to promote general aviation. Senior staff from both organizations met recently to figure out how to play on each other’s strengths for the common good of GA and members of both organizations, of which there is considerable crossover….”.” ….. “The majority of our nation’s pilots belong to one or both of these organizations, so our members expect us to utilize these strengths in a way that addresses the long-term vitality of general aviation,” EAA President Tom Poberezny said in a joint news release with AOPA issued Thursday. AOPA President Craig Fuller said it’s a natural alliance. “This is a logical collaboration that makes sense for the greater good of general aviation,” Fuller said.

Among the things that got done at the meeting was the decision to jointly hold a roundtable meeting in early 2010 that brings together representatives of all facets of GA. More details on the relationship and the specific initiatives are on the way later….”.

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