Tongass Fjords X Almost Here

TFX-squareFrancois of FSAddon Publishing reports “…… Never say never…… and never give customers a release date…. two golden rules of information technology. BUT…. we’re working hard on getting Tongass Fjords X ready for release this weekend…………. !!! Just one more installer test, and we’re good to go. How does THAT grab you bush types, eh?

With the release of Tongass we intend to discount our FS2004 Misty and Tongass titles, and also offer a new combination package. Stay tuned.

Best news of all this: we’ve decided to drop the price on the new Tongass Fjords. The economic woes work both ways and we want you to USE this package, not just stare at the product page !! Stay tuned for more news……”.

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  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Great news since I plan to be in Misty Fjords park on a seaplane flightseeing tour in a few weeks.

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