Another Historic Jetliners Update

hjg-aMike Cranston of HJG sent us an update on his activities:  “……Summer has arrived and the weather is warming up …. and so is the HJG website too …. with todays release of flightline full of new and upgraded files featuring high quality classic B727, DC8, DC9 textures, models, and panels/gauges for both FS2004 and FSX……”.

“…… The latest HJG B727 textures include ….

The early 1990’s identity of an aircraft operated by the air force of a Central American nation; 2 variations of livery for aircraft operated by a major US Midwest based carrier representing both the late 1960’s and early 1970’s era …. one of which also represents a hybrid scheme; and the final version 1970’s scheme for an aircraft operated by a major Australian domestic carrier …. all for early production B727-100’s.

An extremely rare aircraft briefly operated in the attractive early 1990’s livery of a major domestic airline from Colombia …. for the late production B727-100.

3 variations of livery …. one of which is virtually unknown …. representing the air force of a small South Pacific nation and the mid 1980’s through 2004 era …. all for HJG’s new B727-100 IGW (Increased Gross Weight …. which features a B727-200 type wing and much higher MGTOW than the standard late production or B727-100C/F/QC) version of these aircraft.

The colorful late 1970’s scheme of a major Italian operator; 3 variations of livery for aircraft operated by the tour/charter subsidiary of a major German carrier and representing the 1980’s decade; the recent identity of a military aircraft operated by a Central American nation; both late 1970’s and early 1980’s color schemes of a major Spanish carrier. 3 variations of identity representing a major German airline and the 1980’s era. and the attractive early 1980’s livery of a major airline based in the US Midwest …. all for B727-200 ADVC.

HJG’s latest B727 magic doesn’t start or end with just new textures either ….

The group is pleased to announce the release of 6 brand new and upgraded versions of the original B727 panel by Richard PROBST …. intended for all B727-100 and -200 aircraft versions. Additionally …. new Aircraft Base Packs have been also released for “ALL” B727 versions (including one for the new B727-100QC IGW) …. featuring revised FDE which when used with the new panel versions will result in much more authentic engine gauge indications and further improved aircraft performance. Please refer to the HJG website update announcement (and subsequent recommended postings) for further information regarding both these new B727 panels and Aircraft Base Packs.

HJG DC8 production has been busy too resulting in texture released for each the following great classics ….

The attractive early 1990’s color scheme of a Turkish tourist/charter operator; and 2 variations of mid 1980’s livery for a lesser known Spanish/African carrier …. all for DC8 SUPER 61’s.

The mid 1970’s identity of an Icelandic airline …. for DC8 SUPER 61CF.

The rare early 1970’s color scheme of a US based tourist/travel club; and 2 variations of early 1970’s livery for an Icelandic carrier …. all
for DC8 SUPER 63CF.

And still the Douglas/McDonnell-Douglas magic continues too ….

HJG are also pleased to announce availability of the latest member of its new/recently released DC9 family …. the first of its “BABY 9” series aircraft …. represented by the 1969 color scheme of the first production aircraft; the mid 1980’s livery of a major Scandinavian operator; and the mid 1990’s identity of a US budget airline …. all for the DC9-20.

But that’s not all……

New DC9 smoke effects have also been released.

Also …. and in response to recent feedback regarding its original DC9-50 model which was first released during April …. HJG have just released a new/modified version of this same model which should address those minor issues since raised. Once again …. please refer to the HJG website update announcement for further information regarding the upgraded DC9-50 model/Aircraft Base Pack.

All this and a whole lot more classic jetliner data is available now for “FREE” download and your private FS enjoyment from the HJG website…”.

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