YF-23 Released

F23Ext1Flightsim Developers, formerly known as FSD-International, have released their YF-23 fighter for FSX. From their product page “….. The YF-23 was designed for survivability, supersonic, stealth, and ease of maintenance. Designed with all-aspect stealth as a high priority, Northrop introduced the novel feature of rear jet nozzle troughs lined with heat ablating tiles developed by Allison, which shielded the exhaust from infrared detection from below.

The most notable feature of the YF-23 was the trapezoidal wing configuration. The trapezoidal design allows for a thin wing with low drag at high speeds, while maintaining high strength and stiffness. The YF-23 is both faster and stealthier than any other jet fighter…..”.
Available for purchase only from their own website here.

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