The June Screenshot Competition Results

LiltreyWow! Some months we do get ’em. If we thought last month’s contest was a tough one to judge, this months was not much easier. Forum member Liltrey did manage to get a clear lead in both the public and the judges votes, but second place has never been more hotly contested. Both JDHaenens and Vingador Turbina had picture that could hardly have been more opposite. But “There can only be one” and so second place goes to JDHaenens and his very compelling moonlit shot of a carrier deck just coming to life.
Current and past contest winners can be seen here, in the prizewinners’ gallery.

Just to give you a bigger picture without the “gallery view”


Absolutely well don, Liltrey!

In second place we have JDHaenens’ picture of the waking carrier:


…and a mere whisker behind JDHaenens comes Vingador Turbina with this shot of an MH53 muscling its way through the night…


Well done to our winners! Please stand up and take the applause…

To all other participants I say thank you for making my job so tough. It was a great pleasure and privilege. To all readers here I say “Join in!” A trip to the smFlight Network forums is not just a trip to “another forum”; drop in, meet old friends, make new ones, get help and advice or maybe just a shoulder to lean on. We, the simflight staff, are here for a purpose.


The July Screenshot Competition will be announced here soon.

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