Reality XP: GNS WAAS Unlimited Expansion Pack

realityXPgns430-bootJean-Luc Dupiot, owner of RealityXP in Canada, sent us the following press release: “…… Reality XP is announcing the release of the GNS WAAS Unlimited Expansion Pack for the Award Winning 430XP WAAS and 530XP WAAS for FSX and FS9.
Unlimited views, unlimited possibilities: With the capability to run dual 430 WAAS or dual 530 WAAS, in addition to mixed 430 and 530 configuration, GNS WAAS Unlimited offers unlimited possibilities: navigate with one GNS and review your flight plans with the other one, get two different views around you at the same time, like Navigation and Terrain, or Navigation and Traffic…..”.

More info here.

“…… Share flight plans and navigation data
GNS WAAS Unlimited connects two GNS with a cross-fill link. This permits exchanging flight plans, user waypoints and navigation data between the two units, either automatically or manually. When flying, you can keep an eye on your navigation pages, and modify the flight plans from the other unit.

Watch Traffic around you
GNS WAAS Unlimited features a Ryan 9900BX TCAD interface to the GNS WAAS Simulation. The solution includes a TCASII Mark7 simulation configured in TA mode. The Ryan TCAD (Traffic and Collision Alert Device) is an on-board air traffic display used to identify potential collision threats.

GNS WAAS Unlimited, an expansion pack requiring the purchase of the GNS 430XP WAAS and/or the GNS 530XP WAAS, is available at the Reality XP online store.

About Reality XP GNS WAAS Simulation: now compatible with ASA OnTop, Elite Simulation, Flight Simulator 9, FSX, ESP and XPlane 9 for WinXP, Vista32 and Vista64, the new GNS 430/530 WAAS offering is the most widely available GNS WAAS Simulation product…..”.

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  2. Sadly, at its current price point, it’s out of the “got to have it impulse buy.” I already have the 430 and 530 (a $100 US investment as it was) and another $100 for this is just a touch too much. Shame, but I do hope they lower the price.

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