Marco Martini’s Missions

PFmissAnd here come some more FSX missions, this time from Marco Martini from PerfectFlight in Italy. “….As Eurowings CRJ700 captain you have now 15 flights in your assignment. You can now replicate real life flight operations. In fact, missions have been created to give you more realistic flight experience in a populate aeronautical world ambiance. You can really simulate a multi-crew environment with interactive briefing and checklist, speed restriction, cabin announcement, speed calls, GPWS, radar altimeter, and so on. So, feel free to test your flying skills!…”.

Also in the simMarket shop today.

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  1. Unbelievable that such lousy developers are still selling addons…

    Just an example for what you can expect from a PerfectFlight addon: Take the FS2004 default Baron, replace the 2D panel bitmap with a picture from (, copy the “Pilot Handbook” from a website ( and ready is another 25€ addon. Of course, neither the auther of the picture nor the writer of the book were asked for permission.

    PerfectFlight is a shame for every FS addon developer and it’s very sad that SimFlight/Simmarket are still advertising and selling their “products”.

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