SionX From FlyLogic

sionx_15FlyLogic writes “…… The airfield in Sion is one of the most scenic and aeronautically challenging in Europe! This airfield, situated in the middle of Wallis distinguishes itself by its realism and optimal integration into the “Switzerland Professional X” photorealistic scenery……”.

“….. With a large amount of features – diverse small aircraft, impressive night texturing, AI traffic, frequency-controlled approach- and taxiway lighting – and a well equipped military airfield earn the highest marks for Sion. VFR-pilots will find all distinctive visual references such as petrol stations, the hospital in Sion and the castles of Valère und Tourbillon. The printable A4 approach charts will help you on the steep IGS and subsequent VFR approach to runway 25. The nicely lit-up castles are a particular eye catcher but to top it all there’s a fantastic firework display in Tourbillon which takes place on the Swiss national holiday and New Year’s Eve!….”.

Now available in an Aerosoft box from the simMarket shop.

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