FSX XML File ToolBox Released

tweakfs-logoFermin Fernandez of TweakFS reports that “….. TweakFS has added a new member to its growing collection of handy freeware tools. The FSX XML File ToolBox allows you to quickly and easily analyze/enable/disable/edit or create the four major XML files used by FSX:
°    DLL.XML (Loads DLL files)
°    EXE.XML (Loads EXE files)
°    SimConnect.XML (Enables/Disables SimConnect clients)
°    Standard.XML (Default KeyMapping File)
This is basically an in-house tool used by TweakFS to quickly make changes to the XML files during testing and has been reworked and released as a freeware tool for the benefit of all flight simmers. You can pick up this utility on the Downloads – Free Tools page…..”.

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