Wonderful L-39C Albatros Released


Lotus Simulation have released their Aero Vodochody L-39C Albatros for FSX and it is available now from simMarket!

“….. The Czech built L-39C is the most popular and successful jet trainer of all time. Designed and built in Czechoslovakia during the cold war, the L-39 was developed to train pilots transitioning from simple propeller driven aircraft to front line Soviet fighters. Over 4000 examples were produced, serving with over 25 air forces around the world, and although production ceased in 1988 some 900 are still in service today. The jet was built to be extremely agile, durable, self sufficient, and tolerant of student pilot error. After the breakup of the Soviet Union in the 1990s several hundred examples found their way into private hands and are now regular attractions at airshows of all sizes. The jet is also popular with formation teams, serving with the world famous Breitling Jet Team and Vjazma Rus Aero Club, and even has its own competition class at the Reno Air Races…..”.

Get it at simMarket here, view the extensive description and the detailed screenshots. 122 page user manual available as free download.

“….. This Lotus Simulations rendition of the L-39C Albatros bucks the trend in framerate sapping aircraft models by careful and considered design of geometry, textures, and code from the start. Built from the ground up for Shared Cockpit online training and multiplayer formation flight, as well as normal single player use, this aircraft is designed to maintain high framerate performance in all flight situations.


The Albatros features fully detailed virtual cockpits, in both dual and single seat versions, as well as a Reno racing variant and a special stripped down and ultra high performance model for those who participate in online formation flight teams. All of the L-39’s instruments are rendered in full 3D for smooth and stutter free flight, and all of the plane’s unique performance and handling quirks have been recreated, making this aircraft perfect for pilots who seek a challenging “stick and rudder” flight experience….”.


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  1. Bought this yesterday and I was extremely pleased to well the VC looked and operates. Awesome exterior and frame rates.

    I totally give this 2 thumbs up.

  2. I seriously doubt it, Paul. He made use of a whole bunch of FSX-only tricks in this model. A lot of what makes it special just wouldn’t work in FS9.

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