IVAO LAN Party In Belgium

IVAO LANKenny Moens reports that “…… On October 3, 2009, IVAO Belgium organizes its 8th FS Lan Party. For the people that don’t know it yet, the FS Lan Party is an event where you’ll be able to fly in a network environment. You bring your PC with Flight Simulator to Everberg, Belgium, and perform a number of flights in the area under full ATC coverage….”

” ….. The advantages of this? Well, you’ll be able to meet the persons behind the names, you’ll be able to learn new experiences (i.e. IFR Challenge), you can win some very nice prizes (until now around 70 prizes to be awarded!) and much more.

You’re afraid because you’ve never flown online? Don’t worry, just come and the other participants or the organisation will be happy to assist you to get everything running and to feel the first experience of flying in a network (or later online on IVAO).
If you like flying and you are able to come on October 3 to Everberg, Belgium, be sure to join the event, you’ll never forget it and join the year after again, as our earlier participants confirmed.

More information can be found on our official website – – on this website you can also find a forum to ask any questions about the event. To register yourself for participation (required), visit this webpage.

We hope to welcome you on October 3, 2009…..”.

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