VFR Short Fields Vol 1 Quebec

VFR-SF_CYLQ - 01Daniel Louvet, or VFR Short Fields, has ‘dressed up’ another 3 airports for you in FSX. His Volume 1 Quebec presents 3 great airports in Quebec, CSK3 Mascouche, CYLQ La Tuque and CZBM Bromont. “…. All 3 airports are situated within few Nm of Montreal – Pierre Elliot Trudeau CYUL.They are a great place to visit for any type of single or twin engines. The scenery around is absolutley amazing and multiple visual points were included to help you navigate around them.

Whether you like a short flight in your cessna, soar the sky in your ultralight or even go for a ride in your “eggbeater”, VFR SHort Fields X – Vol 1 Quebec will provide you a great experience…”.

On simMarket now.

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