Bush Flying Bundle from Pacific Islands

PIS (Pacific Islands Simulations) have now released a combo of their earlier products for bush flyers. It’s full name is looong: RAW GRIT: PNG BUSHPILOT & EXTREME BUSH TREKKER BUNDLE. This combo however contains updated products and is free to owners of the previous releases EXTREME BUSH TREKKER and RAW GRIT: PNG BUSHPILOT.

What’s in it? Lots of  people and loads of animals…. but  this is the official text: “RG-EBT combo pack consists of “Raw Grit: PNG Bushpilot (RG)” and “Extreme Bush Trekker (EBT)” airstrips, giving the simmer 40 airstrips and combination of over 22 waterports and helicopter pads. The package is grounded on high altitude rough terrain and sea level short strip flying, there and two major hubs for medium range aircrafts flying domestic, regional and international routes.”


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