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We received this about a site, giving you Virtual Airline news!  VA’s.. remember what they are? well, they are alive an kicking, read on:

VAFLASH will continue to provide the latest news and updates on Virtual Airlines, FS Hardware/Software news, as well as general information on flight simming.

Earlier in August the site founder decided to pull down. I emailed him to see if there was any way he would let me pick up and continue where he left off. J.A. was gracious to transfer the domain and data to me so the history and future of VAFLASH would be preserved and protected. Thank you Sir! I look forward to working with the executives and staff of all virtual airlines to continue what J.A. started and to expand upon it. … ” … Continued after the break.

…”…Ideally I hope that VAFlash can be a one stop shop to find information on all VA news. All updates are available via Feedburner (RSS) for quick and easy consumption, and I welcome all FS news related web sites to pull the latest in VA news directly from our feeds. I also welcome news from all Virtual Airlines and from authors of VA web site software, add-ons, ACARS, and anything else that will benefit the Flight Sim community.  VAFLASH is also tweeting out all news articles via Twitter. Follow us!

Please feel free to contact me if you should have any questions. News can always be submitted via the web site.
Best Regards,
Lindle Romero
Owner & Operator
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